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Stone mining-environmental requirements for green mining areas

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2021-08-17

The construction of green mines has become a consensus in the domestic and international stone industry. For the construction of green mines, there needs to be a set of practical standards.

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1. Basic requirements

1) The functional zoning layout of the mining area is reasonable, and the mining area should be afforested and beautified to make the overall environment of the mining area clean and beautiful.

2) The management of mining, production, transportation and storage is standardized and orderly.

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2. Ore capacity and ore appearance

1) The mining area is divided into functional areas such as production area, office area, living area and ecological area. Each functional area shall comply with the provisions of GB 50187, and shall operate in an orderly and standardized manner.

2) The ground roads, water supply, power supply, sanitation, environmental protection and other supporting facilities in the mining area shall be complete. Operation notice board, instruction board, circuit diagram board and other signs shall be set in the production area, and the signs shall comply with the provisions of GB / T 13306.

3) No waste materials shall be stacked outside the waste material yard in the mining area, and no waste residue shall be stacked outside the waste dump. The waste formed by production and living in the mining area shall have a special stacking place.

4) stone mining face, transportation road, dump yard and dumping site should be treated by spraying, spraying water, wet operation and installing dust removal equipment to deal with the dust produced during mining and transportation. The transportation vehicles should be kept clean, and the trucks should be strictly prohibited to carry the mud roads on the road, so as to maintain the environmental sanitation in the mining area and surrounding areas.

5) The mine shall implement rainwater and sewage diversion, and the mine production sewage shall be recycled or discharged up to standard after collection, sedimentation and clarification.

6) Reasonable and effective technical measures shall be taken to reduce the noise of high-noise equipment.

7) The mining face and operation platform of the mine shall be clean, tidy, standardized and beautiful.


3. Greening of mining area

1) The greening of the mining area shall be coordinated with the surrounding natural environment and landscape, the greening plants shall be matched reasonably, and the greening coverage rate of the mining area shall reach 100%.

2) The waste dump shall be treated, reclaimed and afforested, and isolated green belts shall be set on both sides of the special roads in the mining area according to local conditions.

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