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stone shaping trimming diamond wire cutting machine

Introduction:Huada 30KW stone shaping and trimming diamond wire cutting machine

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The cutting efficiency of 30 kW permanent magnet motor can reach that of 37 kW ordinary motor (6 ~


The diamond wire cutting machine is hoisted as a whole to realize rapid displacement;

A variety of rope winding methods, without rope cutting, improve the service life of diamond wire;

The height of small flywheel can be adjusted to increase the cutting angle of diamond wire and improve the service life of diamond wire;

Adjust the height of lifting outrigger and foot plate, and adjust the cutting inclination angle (± 10 °);

It is convenient for customers to adjust the cutting surface angle according to their needs.

diamond wire cutting machine


In stone mining, after the long block stones are decomposed according to the specifications of standard blocks, there will be some substandard stones left due to the defects such as natural cracks, color lines and color spots or inappropriate size. The operators can trim these stones and turn them into small-scale blocks or blocks of other sizes.


stone wire cutting machine Parameters:

Main motor power

(permanent magnet motor) 30 kW

Main flywheel diameter

650 mm

Single stroke

1800 mm

Cutting efficiency

6~10 m2/h

Saw rope length

10~40 m

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