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Natural stone mining - land reclamation, vegetation restoration and greening

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2021-10-08

Another main content of green stone mine construction is land reclamation, vegetation restoration and greening. We should follow the principle of "mining and treatment at the same time, cultivate when appropriate, build when appropriate, and forest when appropriate". Land reclamation, vegetation restoration and greening shall be carried out according to local conditions in combination with the regional characteristics of stone mines, and shall be carried out consistently from the beginning to the end of mine infrastructure construction. The greening work is mainly concentrated on the slope of the stone mine, the muck yard and both sides of the road.

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1 slope greening

If possible, the permanent slope of the mining face that is no longer mined shall be reclaimed and afforested.

 stone mining.jpg

2 reclamation and greening of waste dump

The key to reclamation after the end of the use of the waste dump of stone mine is filling. For the stone ore body covered by soil layer, these waste dump should be retained for backfilling in the stripping stage.


3 greening of mine roads

Trees, flowers and plants shall also be planted on both sides of the main roads and some auxiliary roads of stone mines.

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