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Green mine construction - the requirements of enterprise management and enterprise image

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2021-08-12

Enterprise management and enterprise image are also important factors related to green mine construction, and enterprises should pay attention to this aspect.


1、 Basic requirements

1) Establish the enterprise management system in terms of property rights, responsibilities, management and culture.

2) Establish a green mine management system.

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2、 Corporate culture

1) Establish the enterprise culture of people-oriented, innovative learning, behavior standard, high efficiency and safety, ecological civilization and green development.

2) The development vision of the enterprise should meet the goal of the common pursuit of all staff, and the long-term development strategy of the enterprise should be closely combined with the realization of the personal value of the employees.

3) We will improve the trade union organization of enterprises and give full play to their functions, enrich the material, sports and cultural life of the employees, and the satisfaction of the employees of the enterprise shall not be less than 70%.

4) Establish the mechanism of the synchronous growth of employee income with the performance of the enterprise.

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3、 Enterprise management

1) Establish rules and regulations such as resource management and ecological environment protection, improve working mechanism and implement responsibilities in place.

2) All kinds of statements, accounts, archives and data shall be complete, complete and authentic.

3) Organize management and technical personnel to participate in green mine training regularly. Establish the staff training system, clear training plan and clear training records.


4、 Enterprise integrity

The production and operation activities and social responsibility shall be honest and trustworthy, and the mining right holders shall fulfill the obligation of publicity of exploration and mining information and publicize relevant information.


5、 Harmony between enterprises and land

1) We should build the idea of jointly building enterprises and land, sharing interests and developing together. It is advisable to establish a multi cooperation model of social management through the establishment of community development platform, long-term cooperation mechanism, exerting multi-party resources and advantages.

2) To establish the survey mechanism of the satisfaction of the masses in the mining area, we should provide support in education, employment, transportation, life and environmental protection, improve the quality of life of the mining area and promote the harmonious development of enterprises and land.

3) Establish consultation and consultation mechanism with the township (street) and village (community) where the mine is located, and properly handle various interest disputes in time.

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