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Stone mining - green mine resource development mode

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2021-08-12

Introduction: The construction of green mines needs to adopt reasonable and environmentally friendly resource mining methods

1、 Basic requirements

1) Resource development should be coordinated with environmental protection, resource protection and urban and rural construction, minimize disturbance and damage to the natural environment, and select resource-saving and environment-friendly development methods.

2) The mining of stone mines should select reasonable mining sequence, mining mode and mining method according to local conditions according to the occurrence of resources and ecological environment characteristics in the mining area. Mining enterprises should give priority to the advanced equipment, technology and process encouraged, supported and promoted by the state with high resource utilization rate and little ecological damage to the mining area, so as to fully realize the hierarchical utilization, high-quality and comprehensive utilization of resources.

3) Stone mines should implement the principle of "mining, treatment and restoration at the same time", timely manage and reclaim the land occupied and damaged by the reclaimed mines, and restore the geological environment of the mines. The treatment rate and reclamation rate of land occupied and damaged by the mine shall meet the requirements of mine geological environment protection and land reclamation plan.

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2、 Mining

1) Stone mines shall establish perfect organization and management institutions and be equipped with professional technicians. The mining shall comply with the provisions of JC / T 1081, follow the principle of simultaneous mining and stripping and stripping first, and adopt the top-down sequential and bench mining method.

2) Mechanized sawing mining technology should be adopted in the mine to maximize the waste rate, retain the original natural environment and reduce environmental disturbance. When special ore bodies need to be mined by blasting, the controlled blasting method shall be adopted.

3) Stone mines shall adopt the encouraged mining processes, technologies and equipment in the guidance catalogue for industrial structure adjustment recently published by the national development and Reform Commission, and shall not use prohibited and eliminated technologies and equipment.

4) The final slope angle of stone mine shall meet the requirements of safe production and stability, and a safety platform and cleaning platform shall be reserved on the final slope. The width of the safety platform shall not be less than 3m, the width of the cleaning platform shall not be less than 6m, and the final step height (stage height) shall not be greater than 20m. Stone mines shall be provided with waste dump. Safety platform, cleaning platform and waste dump shall comply with the provisions of GB 50970.

5) Medium and long-term mining plans and short-term mining plans shall be made for stone mines. The developed ore volume and mining reserve must meet the production requirements, and the stope working face shall be promoted in a balanced and orderly manner.

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3、 Shipment

1) Mine transport vehicles shall be kept clean, and waste materials shall be washed out of the site with water.

2) Gravel and waste slag shall be transported to the waste dump for storage, and there shall be no residue during transportation.


4、 Protection and restoration of ecological environment in mining area

1) Earnestly implement the requirements of mine geological environment protection and land reclamation plan:

a) The protection and restoration of ecological environment in stopes, special roads in mining areas, mining industrial sites, waste dumps and other areas shall meet relevant requirements;

b) The reclamation quality of mine land shall meet the requirements of TD / T 1036;

c) Various sites after mine restoration and treatment shall be coordinated with the surrounding natural environment and landscape; Mine land reclamation should adapt measures to local conditions, realize sustainable land use, and protect and restore the overall ecological function of the region.

2) An environmental monitoring mechanism should be established with management and monitoring personnel.

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