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Stone mining - comprehensive utilization of resources in green mines

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2021-08-12

In the construction of green mines, we should pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of mine resources


1、 Basic requirements

According to the principles of reduction, recycling and reuse, the stone mines should be mined scientifically to improve the rate of stone waste; Make full use of solid wastes such as gravel and waste residue to process by-products, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources and save resources.


2、 Solid waste utilization

The solid wastes produced by mining shall be stacked orderly, properly treated and comprehensively utilized.


3、 Utilization of leftover materials

Small size stone and leftover materials produced by mining that do not meet the specifications and quality requirements of waste materials shall be classified and processed into strip stones, stone bricks, masonry, pebbles and other products in combination with the shape and specifications of materials for artificial landscape, municipal and garden projects.


4、 Gravel utilization

The crushed stone and stone slag produced by mining are crushed and processed into machine-made sand or building aggregate for artificial landscape, municipal and construction projects. The crushed marble and limestone can be crushed into heavy calcium powder for utilization.


5、 Stone powder utilization

The stone powder and mud formed by wet operation in the process of mining should be comprehensively utilized for backfilling, road construction and building materials after dehydration and drying.


6、 Utilization of topsoil and muck

The stripped topsoil or residue stacked in the waste dump should be used for environmental treatment, land reclamation and ecological restoration.


7、 Comprehensive scrap rate

The comprehensive waste rate of mines with general stone varieties shall not be less than 18%, and the comprehensive waste rate of mines with rare varieties can be determined according to their specific conditions.

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