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Stone mining - concept of green mine

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2021-08-11

At present, the environmental problems of mining are more prominent and can not fully meet the new requirements of economic and social development. Change the traditional development and utilization mode characterized by simple consumption of mineral resources, sacrifice of ecological environment and high energy consumption, fundamentally change the development mode and economic growth mode, and truly realize the coordinated development of rational development and utilization of resources and environmental protection. Green mine construction has become an inevitable choice for the development of mining enterprises.


(1) Definition of green mine


In the whole process of mineral resources development, implement scientific and orderly mining, control the disturbance of ecological environment in and around the mining area within a controllable range, coordinate the development and utilization of mineral resources with ecological environment protection, and have the characteristics of ecological environment in the mining area, intensive resource utilization, scientific mining mode, environmental protection of production technology, standardized enterprise management and harmonious community in the mining area.


For the parts that must be destroyed and disturbed, scientific design, advanced and reasonable effective measures should be taken to ensure the existence and development of the mine until the end, always coordinate with the surrounding environment, and integrate into a new mining image in the track of social sustainable development.


Green mine construction is a complex system engineering. It represents the overall level and sustainable development potential of mining development and utilization in a region, as well as the ability to maintain the balance of ecological environment. It focuses on the process of scientific, orderly and rational development and utilization of mine resources, and recovers, controls or transforms and innovates the inevitable pollution, mine geological disasters and ecological damage imbalance to the greatest extent.


(2) Green mine development stage


"Green environment" is the first stage.


As early as the 19th century, Britain, the United States and other western countries put forward the concept of "green mine". At this time, the concept of "green mine" only stays in the simple protection of vegetation in the mining area and the beautification of the surrounding environment in the mining area.


In the second stage, the concept of "green mine" has been extended from simple environmental protection to "comprehensive utilization of resources".


After World War II, with the rapid development of economy and society and the unprecedented consumption of natural resources by human society, some people of insight pointed out that "the earth's resources, especially energy and mineral resources, are limited. Therefore, improving the utilization rate of resources should be listed as an important research topic". At this time, the concept of "green mine" has extended from simple environmental protection to "comprehensive utilization of resources".


The third stage: "green mine" is a comprehensive development subject of resources and environment, people-oriented and scientific and technological innovation.


At present, the problem of resources has become an important problem restricting the development of all countries in the world, and the subject of comprehensive utilization of resources has also made a lot of progress; As the pollution and destruction of the earth by industrial civilization has attracted the attention of all mankind, energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection have become important topics; The unprecedented development of economy has brought a high degree of development of human rights. "People-oriented" has become a basic criterion recognized by the whole world; Science and technology are the primary productive forces. The world has reached the consensus that "scientific and technological innovation is the only way for human development and progress".

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