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Huada diamond wire saw and stone cutting machine are exported to Jakarta, Indonesia

Huada diamond wire saw and double blade quarrying machine are exported to Jakarta, Indonesia
To help stone mining

Huada stone mining diamond wire saw machine
It can easily cut marble and granite with high yield
Diamond wire saw adopts modern cutting technology, with low noise, no pollution, flat cutting surface and high raw material price.

Huada mining circular saw
Double protection of PLC program + frequency converter, stop the machine immediately under abnormal conditions such as card and clip.
Three frequency converter communication, automatic control of walking speed, acceleration in case of "soft" and deceleration in case of "hard" to improve cutting efficiency.
The main motor is controlled by frequency conversion, and the large and small saw blades can be adjusted to a more reasonable cutting line speed according to the stone type and cutter to improve the cutting efficiency.
High efficiency permanent magnet motor is used as the main drive motor, which is efficient and energy-saving.
The mechanical structure adopts finite element analysis. After years of mine practice, the structure is stable and reliable.
The electrical components are customized according to the harsh working conditions such as dust and unstable voltage in the mine. The accessories with high failure rate adopt Siemens and other large brand accessories.
With good performance, Huada stone mining equipment has been highly praised by customers and exported to more than 80 countries and regions abroad

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