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Mobile Rock Driller

Mobile Rock Driller factory

Product Description

The machine is mainly used in stone quarry,available for making horizontal line of holes,horizontal holes and vertical holes;available for slantwise drilling with accuracy to divide large blocks into small pieces. It is necessory to assist diamond wire sawmachine working in stone quarries.


Product Advantages

1. Pushed by compressed air

2. Safe and reliable

3. Easy to operate and maintain

4. Portable


Product Features

1. Highly efficient YT-29A drilling head and tapped rod and bits works together to guaranteed the dirlling efficiency.

2. Accuarate limite device works to guaranteed the consistency of drilling holes.

3. Advanced pneumatic elements works to guaranteed the stability.

4. Convenient operating system.

Technical data

Drilling diameter∅ 32 - ∅ 40
Drilling depthyMax.4m 
Drilling speed15-20m/h
Minimum air pressure0.5-0.7MPa
Compressed air consumption3-4m3/min
Drilling part weight29kg
Advance deviceCylinder
Track travel700mm
Total weight105kg

Mobile Rock Driller

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