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HBAG-G30 Water bag for quarry

Product Description:

HBAG-G30 Water bag Be used exclusively in pushing down the block after the cutting of diamond wire saw machine. Assist diamond wire saw machine working in stone quarries.

Product Advantage:

1.Its thickness is only 2mm,it can be easily placed in the slot cut by wire saw.

2.Its pushing force can reach over 1000 tons.

3.The operation is simple and grasped easily.

Water pump technology parameters

Motor power3KW
Motor speed2800rpm
Working pressure4MPa
Max. pressure6MPa
pressure of inlet waterMin.0.1MPa
Power spec.three phase 380V
Overall dimension1200X500X800

Product Characteristic:

1.Saving the time for preparing the slot for jack working.

2.The blocks' edges are complete,not any cleft.

3.Avoid blast(compare with air bag)

4.Won't produce amounts of dust.

5.Improving the safety factor of the operator.

High pressure water bag's parameter


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