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Diamond Wire For Granite Quarry

Diamond Wire For Granite Quarry

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40rubber/ rubber +springHD-GQ-R-Asoft25-308-1230-50


The main specialties of diamond wire-saws are:

1. To be able to used for great area granite quarries cutting

2. To get high percentage of forming dimension stone

3. High manufacture efficiency

4. Safety, low- noise, no- dust and friendly surroundings

5. Low cutting cost.

The advantage of rubber wire saw for granite quarry:

1.the rubber adheres better to the beads and support cable, which protects it better from the action of abrasive pastes, in particular when the cable takes up small radii of curvature (beginning and end of quarry cuts).


2.the rubber easily withstands increases in temperature caused by badly controlled water spraying, which often happens in a quarry, whereas plastic softens and losses its strength properties.


3.the flexibility of a cable fitted with rubber is greater, which reduces the risk of irregular wearing of the beads (ovalisation phenomenon).

37-75KW wire saw machines are more used for granite quarry, the water spraying between 25-50 L/min according to the cut dimension.


1. The rotation of the wire should be regularly checked.

2. The worn condition of beads should be regularly inspected.

3.  The worn condition of connections & the beads near connections should be regularly checked. Change connections when it's needing.

4. The cable tension is set in 250-300kg(Φ4-5mm cable).

5. Adjust the linear speed of the wire according to the material being sawn:

6. During the sharpening of a new wire, the liner speed should be reduced 2-3 m/s from the above standard.

7. Water requirement is between 15-25L/min.

Kindly Noted, when place order please inform the following:

Diameter of the Wire

Wire Type (rubber or rubber+spring)

Granite Type (Hard, Medium, Soft, or Abrasive)

Quantity (How many Meters)

Wire Saw Machine Power (How many KW or HP of the motor)

Expected cutting speed and life(M2)

Expected shipping date

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