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Crawler-type Rock Driller

Product Description

Crawler-type Rock Driller available for vertical, slantwise mine hole drilling.Divide after cutting big block in different size, angle.Perfectly assist diamond wire saw machine working in stone quarries.Available for any kinds of stone mines.


Product Advantages

Only use compressed air as the power source, safe and reliable.Drilling 4 holes at the same time, and greatly improves the work efficiency.Move easily in the work plane, reducing the labor intensity.Using the electrical control system, the operation more easy and convenient.


Product Features

1. Using the tilt cylinder, which is convenient to adjust the drilling angle.

2. This machine adopts chain wheel, chain promotion, by pneumatic motor with high efficiency Dynamic, automatic drilling, lifting speed.

3. According to need the machine can be configured with different specifications of the drill bit diameter fast and conveniently.

4. The machine adopts two sets of control system, ensure the work reliability.

5. Hydraulic, pneumatic and other key parts adopt imported components for ensuring the quality .

6. Using the ATLAS YT29B drilling machine, drilling speed, low noise.

7. Using the crawler walking hydraulic system,move easily in the work plane.

8. Using the cylinder 4+2 type structure, the drilling hole position can be adjusted for fine.

Technological Parameters

Drilling diameterΦ34mm-Φ42mm
Drilling depthMax.6m
Drilling speed4-30m/h
Track travel at a time3m
Lifting ability1200Kg
Total compressed air consumption18-20m^3/min
Working air pressure0.5-0.7Mpa
Working hydraulic pressure10Mpa
Track length3.6m
Total weight3000kg

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